Mind Of A Coach

Mind of a Coach: Summer Reading

It’s summer time. And while it does mean grilling, sweating, ice cream, and fewer sleeves, it also means summer reading. We’ve all done it and, like candlesticks, love it or hate it we’re better for it. How do the coaches stay on top of their game? You think “constantly varie...


Mind of a Coach: Father, Coach, Scholar. Pt 1

The Press: Tell us about you, where are you from? Josh Hunnicutt: From Louisiana, born and raised. TP: What role did fitness play in your family or at school? JH: None. Zero. TP: So when did athletics become a thing for you? JH: Never. Never played any sports. I played two years of pee-wee football...


Mind of a Coach: Mind Games

  The Press: First thing’s first. Everybody wants to know, what’s that you do when you enter the box? Phil Pack: It came from martial arts. I did martial arts for 11 years, and they made you bow when you first entered the dojo, or the studio, just paying homage to the place where you’re a...