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New Species Crossfit

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New Species CrossFit offers the best One-on-One and Group coaching available.
The first one is ALWAYS on us!

Which of the following best describes your CrossFit Experience?

“I have CrossFit experience”

Trial by fire – Try a class out on us. Classes consist of all different ages and fitness levels and will be scaled or modified to meet your individual needs. There is no need to worry if you have past surgeries, injuries, or any workout experience.

No need to call ahead or schedule your free class, just check out our schedule (here) come to the “Workout of the day” class time that works best for you and the coach will take great care of you.

Any questions please email us at:
[email protected]

“I am completely new to CrossFit”

Welcome to New Species CrossFit!  We would like to offer you a Free One-on-One first workout. First workouts are great for the athletes who have not yet experienced CrossFit and want to get to know more. This session will allow us to look at how you move as well as discuss your fitness goals, health history including past surgeries and injuries, nutrition, etc. etc. Our workout will also be set up in class format so that you will feel safe and comfortable if/when you’re ready to begin our group training. During our cool down, we will foam roll and chat about the importance of recovery. After this session, we can discuss whether group classes or One-on-One/small group personal training is a better option moving forward. We look forward to meeting you!

  1. Follow the link below to our Contact Form.
  2. Select the “I would like to book a free One-on-One” option, fill out the form and we’ll get started!