CrossFit WOD

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WOD classes

Classes are 55-60 min long. They begin with an active warm-up to ensure our athletes are safe and can reach their full potential during the workout. The warm-up will start out general and then become specific to the movements prescribed in the workout. All movements and standards will be demonstrated, reviewed and discussed including scaled options. Class programming for the day might include a strength, skill, and/or conditioning piece and then also a “WOD” or workout of the day. The workout of the day will be designed so athletes of all ages and fitness levels can reach a relative high-intensity stimulus in order to improve their work capacity and general physical preparedness. Workouts consist of functional movements and are “constantly varied” which means they are never quite the same to keep it fun and yield results. Benchmark WODS are repeated occasionally to see performance progress. After class, athletes are encouraged to perform a cooldown on their own consisting of an easy bike or row and/or tissue smashing or foam rolling.

Forged Friday

When possible, Friday classes consist of a CrossFit Hero WOD to honor those who have served. During Forged Friday, a brief description of this hero will be read aloud at some point before the WOD is completed. God bless our troops and first responders!