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Do you enjoy fitness but wish it lasted longer? Like, “lots” longer? Is your current diet seriously deficient in deficient in “bullhorn”? Want to make close friends that you can then immediately blame for your poor life choices? Do you ever dream of a place where pleasant walks in the park are ruined by mud, logs, and flutter kicks? Do you love burpees but are always asking yourself, “ Why aren’t I wearing a heavy backpack right now?” Well then, we’ve got news for you! …

New Species CrossFit has classes (included in your membership) that focus on endurance training. Whether your goal is a muddy obstacle race, navigating the backcountry of the UP, or hiking 14,000’ summits in the Rockies, We’ve got you covered. Our Ruck/OCK programs focus on real-world applications of strength and stamina. Barbells are swapped out for sandbags and weighted backpacks, and PRs take a backseat to teamwork. The workouts are a little longer, the runs more frequent, and the pushups feel endless – but the smiles through pain and group dynamic are like nothing else.

No special gear is required. Only water and weather appropriate clothing.

Pricing and Schedule

Included in membership

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