Our Philosophy

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New Species Crossfit

Our philosophy

The premise for New Species CrossFit was born of a lecture given at a Crossfit Level I certification by Tony Budding. In this lecture he cited a study showing the fit of our population as being a phenotypically different species than the unfit. From this thought, New Species was born. Our driving force is to be a stimulus inspiring our athletes and ourselves to evolve into something faster, stronger, more powerful…something better. We strive to unleash the athlete living within each one of us, whether it be a 74 year old grandmother or a professional boxer. This evolution isn’t a theory; this is an evolution one can see, feel and measure. There is something greater in all of us waiting to get out. Our dragons are intertwined in a double helix to represent what is in each of our DNA, waiting to be unleashed.

In this lecture he cited a study showing the fit of our population as being a phenotypicallydifferent species than the unfit.

The method

Our coaching methodology is purely CrossFit; Greg Glassman has put together a program second to none for general fitness and one fully adaptable to the most effective training for any sport. We use constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensities. Contact us when you are tired of all the gimmicks and tired of trying to be sold at globo gyms and we will show you a sense of community, professionalism and genuine concern that cannot be matched. If you have searched this far, you are looking for something better…come see what we have to offer, the first one is always on us.