Strongman Club

New Species Crossfit

Strongman Club

The purpose of New Species strongman club is to learn and practice safe, proper, and efficient strongman movements within a specialized and motivational group setting.

Being a well-rounded athlete has always been a pillar of Crossfit in general, and Strongman movements/programming provide unique challenges to those who train them.

CrossFit Strongman increases real world strength as we are required to move odd objects, such as a grocery bag, as efficiently as possible on a daily basis.

All ages and fitness levels are encouraged to attend. Learning these movements under the guidance of those who have studied and practiced them greatly reduces fear and injury risk.

Why do CrossFit Strongman?

Increased maximal lifts

Improved grip strength

Improved midline stability

Posterior chain development

Increased work capacity

What to expect:

-Loaded carries, including sand bags, farmers, and yoke.

-Pressing movements, including log, axle, keg, and dumbbell

-Pulling movements, including conventional deadlifts, axle deadlifts, frame deadlifts, and variations from blocks, for max and for reps.

-Speciality movements, such as stone loading, sandbag throws, etc

-Conditioning movements, including medleys of the above in some form of Tabata structure, and / or tire flips and sled work

Pricing and Schedule

Included in membership

Check our schedule page for class days & times each week!