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WOD 12.30.19


Back squat/squat jumps*, 5/10-5/10-5/10-5/10, 5/10

*perform progressively heavy back squats followed immediately by 10 squat jumps


5 rounds for time:

20 American kettlebell swings, 2/1.5pood

20 Alternating single legged push off, 20/16 inches

Post loads and times to beyond the whiteboard.

WOD 12.29.19


In teams of two complete 200/150 Machine calories, (fellas 100cals, ladies 75cals)


Amrap in 15 minutes

Burpee broad jumps, 10yards

10 Overhead medball throws, 20/14lbs, 10ft from wall

10 medball abmat sit-ups, 20/14lbs

Post times and rounds to beyond the whiteboard.

WOD: 12.28.19


Team AMRAP in 12 minutes:

12/8 calorie assault bike

4 cone suicide drill


3 rounds for time:

50 air squats

10 hang power snatches, 95/65lbs

2 rope climbs

Post rounds and times to beyond the whiteboard.