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WOD 03.28.21


500m row x3, 2 minutes rest between


Amrap in 15 minutes:

7 ring dips

14 rotationing plate ground to over head, 45/25lbs

7 lateral cone touches

Post times and rounds to beyond the whiteboard.

WOD 03.27.21


Tabata, for quality:

Hollow rock

Superman back extensions

Russian twists, 20/14lbs


3 rounds for time:

400m run

21 medball slams, 50/40lbs

12 Box jumps, 30/24 inches

Post reps and times to beyond the whiteboard.


Complete both 21.3 and 21.4 back-to-back with no rest in between.

Workout 21.3
For total time:
15 front squats
30 toes-to-bars
15 thrusters
Rest 1 minute
15 front squats
30 chest-to-bar pull-ups
15 thrusters
Rest 1 minute
15 front squats
30 bar muscle-ups
15 thrusters

♀ 65 lb. ♂ 95 lb.
Time cap: 15 minutes

Workout 21.4
Complete the following complex for max load:
1 deadlift
1 clean
1 hang clean
1 jerk

Time cap: 7 minutes
Time begins immediately following the completion of 21.3, or upon reaching the 15-minute time cap for 21.3.

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