Quarantine 20.2


Odd object/KB/DB one arm row, 5×12 each arm, as heavy as possible, (if object is on the lighter side, go for max reps)

2 minutes rest between sets


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3 rounds for time of:

3 minutes of handstand hold in as few sets as possible (AFSAP).

After each round, perform 5 burpees for each handstand set — e.g., if the handstand hold takes 4 sets, complete 20 burpees before starting the next round.

Scale I:

Sub pike hold, 3 minutes each round

Scale II:

Plank hold, 5 minutes each round

Post time to beyond the whiteboard.

I’m actually super pumped for this WOD. Been talking to Marcella about it for a couple weeks now. We will video coach it up tomorrow morning and then get ahead of our WODs from there. My commitment to you is that you will be a better athlete after these 2+ weeks than you are now. Stay very mindful of your food, I’m sure any restaurant, (Zeoli’s?!, Miguel’s Cantina?!), right now will kick you out a chicken breast on the fly. Stay consistent and diligent with your fitness and we will boss through this shit. I’m excited about the programming and the content I have in mind. Much love Tribe.