Infidel Friday

Buy In: 21-15-9

Barbell Thruster 45# NO QUARTER (No Mercy Men/Women)
Bar Facing Burpees x3 @ end of each round

Challenge Interval
Athletes will occupy 1 of 4 stations. They will then execute max reps, distance or calories for the given movment over a 1 minute time period. A 30 second rest will be given at which point said athlete will repeat the 1 minute max effort and attempt to match or better the previous effort. After 2 attempts they will switch stations.

1-Shouldering Stones, (slam balls)/Alt. R-L (40/50) Max Reps-Ground to Shoulder
2-Walking Lunge – Rack Load (45/25) Max Steps
3-C2 Calorie Row – Max Calories
4-Farmer Carry – (2×1.5p/2x1p) Max Distance Meters

**Note best effort on each movement – Add all for TOTAL & POST

Cash Out: Pigs on Skates x80 meters