Forged Friday

In Honor of Marine, Detroit Fire Fighter and CrossFit Maven athlete Sergeant Patrick Burt.

Just this month Patrick lost the war after the battle to an ongoing struggle with PTSD. Today we honor someone very close to home whom many of us have run across at Lex Artis events or random community workouts. Patrick was the guy we all see every day at the box. He’s the one always there for a spot and to crack jokes. Let the high fives sink a little deeper into your soul today. Tell your homies you love them. Patrick would have wanted it that way.

Due to some paperwork difficulties, there are challenges in getting Sergeant Burt’s wife his pension etc. A gofundme has been created to help his wife and 2 children bridge the gap and cover basic expenses in the mean time.

Thank you Tribe for honoring Sergeant Patrick Burt today.


“Polar Bear”

47:00 AMRAP

Buy In: 

1775m Erg

1 Rope Climb



4 Deadlifts @BW/.75

3 Bench Press @BW/.75

74 Jump Rope Revolutions 

*at the 21 minute mark stop the AMRAP and re buy in with the following:

1860m Erg

2 Rope Climbs

WOD written by Brad Berlin, Patrick’s Coach

Significance of numbers:

47: Patrick’s age at death. 

1775: Marine Corp Birth

1: J Bird (Jessica Dworek) 

4/3/74: Date of Birth

21: Patrick’s age when he became a father.

1860: Detroit Fire Department Establishment

2: Patrick’s 2 perfect kids (Josie Burt & Dan Burt)

This workout is to be done on a continuously ascending 47:00 clock. At 3, 2, 1, Go the athlete begins with a 1775 meters on a Row or ski erg followed by one rope climb. Once this “buy in” is complete, the athlete may begin on the reps and rounds of the AMRAP. Four deadlifts at body weight for males and 3/4 body weight for females. Three bench press at the same weights. And then 74 jump rope revolutions. These revolutions maybe done in single unders or double unders or, preferably a combination of both. Singles equal one revolution and doubles equal two revolutions. Patrick frequently worked through workouts with jump roping in a similar fashion.  At the 21 minute mark on the clock, the athlete must stop working through the AMRAP and re-buy in with 1860 meters on a row or ski erg and two rope climbs. Once this second buy in is complete the athlete may resume the AMRAP where he or she left off. 

This workout is intended to be done with reverence and intensity as any hero WOD should, however if at any point during the workout a fellow trainee needs a spot or a holler, provide it, as Patrick would have. 

Scaling Notes 

Scale rope climbs to rope pulls from your back to the standing position at a two to one ratio.

Scale barbell movements to weights that are heavy respective to your ability, but can be done unbroken, at least to begin the workout. 

Scale jump rope revolutions to all singles or lateral hops if needed.