Forged Friday


Bear complex


“Koo Bear”

AMRAP in 20 minutes:

600m Run

Bear Complex*, (power clean+front squat+push press+back squat +push press** x7), 95/65lbs

*hands staying on bar throughout all 7 cycles is preferred, select a weight you can hold on if scaling

pro tip: rest with bar on back

**squat clean thruster to back rack thruster is acceptable

Post rounds to beyond the whiteboard.

Today we honor Kahlua “Koo Bear” Hunnicutt. Any one who knew her, loved her. She was the best girl. Anyone who has loved a pet knows many moments during our, always too brief, time with them they are heroic, if only through unconditional love. They force us out of bed after a bad break up. They teach us patience and responsibility. They make us move. They are always so happy to see us. They make us laugh. We will celebrate and miss all of your awkward stares and your sitting on top of everyone, and all the other things that made you one of a kind. As Nate said, “she is, like, the original dog”.