Today we have the privilege of honoring one of our very own, living heroes; East pointe officer Matt “Hollywood” Hambright. His wife says it best…

“This guy is the Eastpointe Police Officer of the Year

Most days his work goes unrecognized and underappreciated. He shows up and deals with the worst of the worst that humanity has to offer. Then shows up the next day to do it all over again. He spends weekends and holidays keeping other families safe while his own family is at home, missing him something fierce. His profession takes a beating in the media daily and he gets minimal respect from the very people he risks his life to protect, but he still shows up. He is our hero every day, but today he got some props he so deserves!!

Annnnnd that uniform ?? ?”

-Johanna Hambright



In teams of 2, for time. One athlete working at a time:

Deadlift, 25000/20000lbs

Run 600m , (together each run)

Back squat, (off the rack), 20000/15000lbs

Run 600m

Bench press, 15000/10000lbs

Run 600m

*1bar per team.

*Athletes choose weight to accomplish weight total as a team.

For example:

Deadlift 100 reps at 250lbs

Back squat 100 reps at 200lbs

Bench press 100 reps at 150lbs

-divide work as athletes see fit, run together.

Post times to beyond the whiteboard.