Forged Friday

“Forged Friday”

·2 minute Achilles Plank
·1 minute Mt. Climbers
·1 minute Jumping Jacks
·1 minute Hollow Rock

BuyIn/CashOut: 7>1 Ladder
·HR PushUp
·Butterfly SitUp

*Athletes will be assigned to one of two groups

W.O.D. #1 *9 Minute AMRAP
·Wall Ball Shot x5
·Burpee x2
·200m Sprint x1 @ 4:30

*REST EXACTLY 3 minutes

W.O.D. #2 *9 Minute AMRAP
·Toes to Bar or Toes to Rings x5
·Burpee x2
·200m Sprint x1 @ 4:30

Brian Woehlke, 29, of the Wayne-Westland Fire Department was killed Tuesday, May 8th, after a roof collapsed on him during a fire at a strip mall. He was the first firefighter killed in the line of duty in the Westland department’s 47-year history. Family members, firefighters and neighbors are mourning the death of the married father described as a man who never shied away from helping someone in need.

Today New Species Athletes W.O.D. in order to honor Brian. We also W.O.D. in hope that our First Responders remain safe while conducting their daily duties to help preserve our very safety.