Forged Friday

Today is Forged Friday at New Species CrossFit. On this first Forged Friday of 2017, let us perform today’s programming with a goal strategy in mind. Whether you’re hitting option one or two, please remember the ultimate reason that we WOD today.  This is Forged Friday.

Always support our First Responders and our U.S. Military. God Bless America!
Coaching note:

Prior to your training session today, put some thought into the way you want to attack today’s prescription. Think about the order of the movements and the numbers. The cumulative totals. Where will you excel or possibly falter? How fast can you go without compromising the movement mechanics? Whatever the answer, think first then hold yourself to your best standard.

5m RC of “EIGHTS”

SDHP *Light KB

5m Lateral Shuffle

Plank Shoulder Tap

Stationery Lunge *4 Rt/Lt

x100 MedBall Chest Pass *Partner/3 meters
WOD Option #1

x30 Single Ring Row

x30 Candlestick

x30 OH Walking Lunge (20/14) 

x30 Box Jump (24/20) 

▪️Round one includes all movements. 

▪️Round two no ring rows. 

▪️Round three no ring rows or candlesticks. 

▪️Round four no ring rows candlesticks or walking lunges. 

▪️Round five…….F#%* you there is no round five ????

WOD Option #2
Row 5k