Forged Friday 

Today is the final Forged Friday of 2016 at New Species CrossFit. The training that you are about to participate in is solely for the purpose of honoring all of those that protect our safety and our freedom. To our U.S. Military personnel as well as all of our First Responders, THANK YOU for what you do for us everyday.  
As coaches we ask that you find that extra effort within yourself as a symbolic way to say thank you in honor of these great men and women. Thank you to the Heroes of 2016. May 2017 bring our country more strength, more peace, more health and more love for our fellow countrymen as well as all of our allies around the globe.
Always support our Troops and First Responders. God Bless America!

2m AP

Then 2 rounds of:

x20 OHS w/PVC

x20m Ostrich Walk 

x20m Lizard Walk 20m

x20 Slow Plank Shoulder Tap (4 count)

x100 Double Under

With a 20 minute Running Clock perform the following movements within each allotted minute.

3-2-1 Go

Minute 1 x2 DL (185/115)

Minute 2 x2 Burpees

Minute 3 x4 DL

Minute 4 x4 Burpees

Minute 5 x6 DL ……and so on.


x100 Double Under