Forged Friday 

Today is Forged Friday at New Species CrossFit. As we embark on this weekend, please accept our wishes of a safe and happy holiday season to you and to the people in your life that you hold most dear. On a similar note, be sure to observe the fact that the freedom and safety which we enjoy comes with great sacrifice by our men and women in uniform. These sacrifices involve danger and spending much time away from family, friends and loved ones. Please use today’s WOD as a chance to thank all of our protectors for putting their lives on the line so that our country can remain free.  
Always support our Troops & First Responders. Happy Holidays and God Bless America!
2m AP

4 minute RC WarmUp

-Jumping Jack – Stationary Lunge – Mt. Climber – Hollow Rock
WOD #1 

7 minute TGU Cycle

**Heavy Loaded Singles OR Moderately Loaded Constant Movement

WOD #2
6 minute Calorie Row 

WOD #3
5 minute triplet

x10m Bear Crawl

x10 War & Peace (50/40)

x10m Bear Crawl

x10 Plank Shoulder Tap

*2 minute rest following WOD 1 & 2