Forged Friday

Today is Forged Friday at New Species CrossFit. 
This is our day as CrossFit Athletes to honor all the men and women that keep this country safe and free.  We urge you to be strong today. We also urge you to be present and most of all believe in yourself.   
Always – always – always support our Troops and First Responders. God Bless America!  
2m AP

x30 AirSquat

x20 Bird Picker

x30 PVC Thruster 

x20 Hollow Rock

x30 Plank Shoulder Tap

x20 Pigs on Skates 

WOD #1
x300m Row

x30 second Tailpipe w/53’s or 35’s

x300m Row

x1 min. Tailpipe 

x300 Row

x1 min. Tailpipe 

WOD #2
*8>1 Descending Ladder of: Back Squat (185/155/115) w/30 second rest btwn. each rung. 

Immediate Drop set of:

*1>8 Ascending Ladder 

Front Squat (155/135/85) w/30 second rest btwn. each rung. 

x1 round of:

x100m Bear Crawl

x400m walk