Forged Friday

 Today is Forged Friday at New Species CrossFit. As coaches we ask that you bring forth your best effort during the next hour as a symbol to honor; 6 fallen MPs of Fort Bliss who died July 8, 2012 while serving during Operation Enduring Freedom. 
The 6 MP’s died when the mine-resistant armored vehicle in which they were traveling, sustained a blast from an improvised explosive device reportedly comprised of more than 200 pounds of explosives. 
The soldiers’ deaths marked one of the most violent days in Afghanistan and the deadliest for Fort Bliss since nine soldiers from the 507th Maintenance Company were killed in Iraq in 2003.
The soldiers killed July 8 were on their first deployments:
*Army Spc. Trevor Adkins, 21, of Spring Lake, N.C.
*Army Spc. Erica Alecksen, 21, of Eatonton, Ga.
*Army Spc. Alejandro “A.J.” Pardo, 21, of Porterville, Calif.
*Army Staff Sgt. Ricardo “Ricky” Seija, 31, of Tampa, Fla.
*Army Spc. Cameron Stambaugh, 20, of Spring Grove, Pa.
*Army Spc. Clarence Williams III, 23, of Brooksville, Fla.
Please keep these 6 fallen heroes in your heart and on your mind today as you train. Always support our Troops and First Responders. God Bless America!  

2m AP


WOD #1

1 RFTx of:

x30 Box Jump 

x30 Wall Ball (20/14)
WOD #2

1 RFTx of:

x30 Jump Squat

x30 Push Press (95/65)
WOD #3

1 RFTx of:

x30 5m Jingle Jangles

x30 Plank Shoulder Tap
WOD #4

1 RFTx of:

x30 Target Touch (12″ Max)

x30 Butterfly SitUp
WOD #5

1 RFTx of:

x30 OH Walking Lunge (45/25)

x30 HR PushUp 
WOD #6

1 RFTx of:

x30 CandleStick

x30 Calorie Row

*6 minute cap on each WOD with 1 minute of rest between.