Forged Friday

“Forged Friday”

Today as New Species Athletes we remember the American Heroes that paid the ultimate price during Operation Restore Freedom, 1993 Somalia.

On September 25, 1993 a U.S. Black Hawk helicopter was shot down in Somalia, killing all on board except for the pilot and co-pilot. For his heroic actions the pilot was subsequently awarded the Silver Star. The following week, on October 3, 1993, American soldiers fought their bloodiest battle in decades when U.S. Army Rangers, Special Forces (Delta) and Navy SEALs launched a mission to capture key leaders of an armed insurgent force. During the mission two Black Hawk helicopters crashed and 18 USASOC soldiers were killed before it was all over. That 2-day action resulted in awards of 2 Medals of Honor (both posthumously), 1 Air Force Cross, and at least three dozen Silver Stars including awards to 2 Air Force personnel, 5 Navy Seals, and two dozen or more Army soldiers, pilots, Rangers, and Delta Force members. This action was later portrayed in the movie Black Hawk Down.

Go extra hard today – Support our Troops!

·5 minute RC WarmUp

·4 Object Shuttle x20m (1 burpee p/object)

W.O.D. *15 minute AMRAP
·5 meter Slam Ball Heave x2 (40/50)
·5 meter Bear Crawl x2
·5 meter Walking Lunge x2
·5 meter Para Plyo Jump x2
*Complete As Many Rounds As Possible *Each movement is .25
*Score Example: 23.50 rounds = 23+ball slam + bear crawl