Forged Friday 

Today is Forged Friday at New Species CrossFit. On this day we highly advise you to push your physical and mental limits in recognition of our U.S. Military and First Responders. The sacrifices that are made by our men and women in uniform should never be be overlooked. Therefore, it is our duty as Americans and Athletes to use the next 60 minutes as a symbol of honor. Everything you do must count. This is just one way we say thank you to all service members here at New Species.Always support our Troops and First Responders. God Bless America!


2m AP

PVC – x30 of each:

PassThrough/Hollow Rock/OH Jump Squat

x3 attempts of Fx WarmUp:

BearCrawl/Lat.Shuffle/Para Plyo Jump

*30 sec rest btwn. attempts


*7 RFTx

x7 Over/Under Burpee (24/20)

x7 BW ManMaker


x100 chest pass (20/14)