Today is Forged Friday at New Species CrossFit. As athletes and coaches we always want to support and thank our U.S. Armed Forces and First Responders for keeping our country free and safe. 
With that in mind please know that when you perform today’s Forged Friday WOD, it is to be an expression of honor for those men and women that lay it all on the line everyday. 
On a side note; please know that one of the greatest luxuries we have as athletes and Americans is to be able to come into New Species and take advantage of the positive energy that exists here. Please work to perform your best every time, every WOD, every day. Use this place as a mechanism to fuel your daily lives and know that we have your back so you can be better at moving…. Period. 
God Bless America!
Warm Up

2m AP

5m RC 


-5m Lateral Shuffle

-Air Squat

-AKBS (Light KB)

“Fx WarmUp”

x3 Rounds 

-Bear Crawl

-Lateral Shuffle

-ParaPlyo Jump

*Sub: Lunge

*8 RFTx 

x20 Alternating Land Mine (45/25)

x20 B2B JumpSquat

*EveryEvenMinute – take plate off bar – OH Static Hold x:30 seconds

**Replace plate and resume from last count.