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Mind of a Coach: Oddly Human

Day 1 I remember it perfectly because the thought of getting on an airplane makes me feel like my life is ending. Dramatic? Yes, but if you know me that shouldn’t surprise you. On planes I uncontrollably think of all the things in my life I wish I had done and will no longer be able to do, like it m...


Mind of a Coach: The Dr. is in

The Press: Tell me a little about yourself, who is Dr RJ Burr? RJ Burr: Well, I live in Plymouth with my wife, Liz, and baby boy, Charlie. I grew up and have lived in Metro Detroit for most of my life (Chicago for chiropractic school). I’ve been involved in CrossFit for almost 2 years. Outside of Cr...


Rx Kitchen: Taking it Slow

Close your eyes. Picture yourself at a nice restaurant. You’re eyes are scanning the menu, down through appetizers, soups, and salads, and finally landing on entrees. You see “red wine glazed Ossobucco”, “Lamb Shank Tagine”, or “Balsamic Short Ribs” and, if you’re like me, two things happen. First,...