Cameron Brown

Chrissy Felczak

Level 1 CrossFit Coach

Level 2 CrossFit Coach

CrossFit Kids Coach w/ State of MI teaching certificate

CrossFit Kettlebell Coach

CrossFit Mobility Coach

Favorite Lift: Clean

Least Favorite lift: Turkish Get Up

Favorite WOD: Diane

Least Favorite WOD: Helen

Chrissy has played sports most of her life, including soccer and softball…anything to be competitive. Chrissy found CrossFit at the Birmingham YMCA; Fellow  New Species’ Coach, Marnie Williams gave Chrissy her first taste of CrossFit and she never looked back.  Chrissy’s next move was to New Species and for her that was a “life changer.”  Since starting CrossFit 3 years ago, it has slowly taken over her life in a good way.  Soccer lead to injuries and running around the neighborhood, was well, running, so finding CrossFit was a way to combine all the things she liked and didn’t like in to one challenging but motivational way to better herself.  The move from athlete to coach was an amazing way to combine her two loves, teaching and CrossFit.  Everyday she gets to challenge and push herself to become stronger, and loves helping others do the same!

Chrissy is an invaluable member of the New Species team. Her soft spoken intensity has a way of getting under your skin and making you want to push harder than you thought possible.  Chrissy walks the walk on a daily basis and is a true representation of what CrossFit is, should be and what it can do for any individual willing to throw their all into it!

Courtney Welch

Heather Lenfestey

James Vreeland

John “Johnny D” DiMercurio

CF-L1 Trainer

Favorite Hero wod: “NATE” 20min. AMRAP of: 2 Muscle Ups, 4 Handstand Push-ups, 8 2-Pood Kettlebell Swings

Favorite Lift: Turkish Get Up

**CF-L1 Trainer – Tested/Passed May 2010
John DiMercurio a.k.a. Johnny D. immersed himself into CrossFit training in February 2008. At age 44 he now excels as a coach of CrossFit’s methodology, concepts, and movements. Upon completing his Level 1 CrossFit Certification, Johnny gained the resources and sufficient foundations from which he continues successful development as a CrossFit trainer and Masters Athlete. Upon graduating from Western Michigan University in 1989, he pursued and won the job of selling medical devices into the hospital operating room arena in San Diego, California. For the next 8 years Johnny experienced fitness in the Southwest and came to realize that there were real goals to becoming fit which did not include a great bicep and 8 pack abs. “When I moved out to San Diego, I didn’t know a soul. So to kill the boredom I started making up workouts that involved old school moves like jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, sprinting on the beach coupled with swimming, biking and even surfing. 16 years later I found a blog regarding CrossFit which linked me to the CrossFit website and I haven’t looked back since.” Johnny’s CrossFit experience has improved his life and that of others.

Favorite quote: “I don’t want to live my life because of my fear of what could happen” -Laird Hamilton

Joshua Hunnicutt

CrossFit Level I Coach

CrossFit Nutrition Coach

CrossFit Weightlifting Coach

CrossFit Football Coach


CrossFit Kettlebell Coach


CrossFit Mobility Coach


Favorite Lift: Power Clean

Least favorite Lift: Shoulder press

Favorite WOD: Diane, or 30 muscleups

Least Favorite WOD: Eva

Josh loves everything CrossFit and Parkour. After years of training athletes and teams, finding CrossFit was like finding long lost family. His superhero obsession is thoroughly quenched by the feats CrossFit and Parkour have prepared his body to perform. Josh feels there is nothing more satisfying than watching athletes and clients achieve more than they ever thought possible. Josh is certified through mulitple organizations and has a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology, is a CrossFit Level I Coach, CrossFit Nutrition Coach and CrossFit Oly lifting Coach as well as holding many other personal training cert’s and teaching trainer cert’s through AFAA. Josh is the head coach and owner of New Species CrossFit.

Marnie Williams

Level 1 CrossFit Coach / CrossFit Kids Coach / Certified with AFAA

Favorite Lift: Deadlift

Favorite wod: Grace

Marnie’s passion for kids and fitness began when she was in high school coaching youth sports in Saginaw. She continued her passion working with kids at the YMCA in programs like kids boot camps, coaching pre-school basketball and soccer. Marnie has been active in sports since the age of 3, tagging along with her older brother & trying to keep up with the “boys”. She played Basketball, Volleyball, ran track and played in AAU basketball since she was in 6th grade and continued through high school.

Marnie is a Level 1 CrossFit coach, CrossFit kids coach and is certified with AFAA. Marnie first started CrossFit as a client with the great Amanda Wheeler almost four years ago, never realizing what CrossFit was, she just loved the workouts.

Raising twins Marnie was unable to find the perfect balance between raising a family and staying fit, CrossFit was the answer! She never imagined in a million years she had the ability to dead lift 275 lbs or to over head press 105 lbs. CrossFit changed her whole outlook on life, helping her to realize you can do anything you put your mind to; you just have to suck it up and bust your tail to get there. She is more fit now than ever, even when she was playing sports back in high school. Marnie’s goal is to change the way kids view fitness and incorporate it into their everyday living. “Kids can do anything you ask them to do as long as it is fun, and they receive encouragement in the process”. Eventually she would love to incorporate the CrossFit kids program into schools. Research has proven that exercise can enhance scholastic performance. She would also like to work with sports teams for conditioning, she knows with a program like CrossFit kids, she would have taken her early athletic performance to new levels.

Phillip Pack

Level 1 CrossFit Coach / CrossFit Kids Coach / Certified with AFAA

Favorite Lift: Deadlift

Least Favorite lift: Squat Clean

Favorite WOD: Fran

Least Favorite WOD: Diane

Philip Pack, aka BLACK GUY, started his Crossfit career on a simple dare-“I dare you to try something different…something outside of the box…and TELL me you don’t LOVE IT”, this challenge came from New Species’ founding coach, Amanda Wheeler. At the time, he weighed 265lbs and had consistantly trained in a conventional chest and tri’s, back and bi’s type set up. Figuring that he worked out on a consistent basis and would be able to complete the WOD easily, he took the dare. After completing the workout and feeling like he shook hands with Death…he has never turned back and has dedicated his athletic focus to CrossFit for 4 years and counting. He has an extensive athletic background including martial arts, boxing, basketball, and most of all football.  He played football at Michigan Technological University as a defensive lineman. Since then he has tried out for the CFL and ended up playing 4 years of Semi-Pro ball for the Michigan Gators (where he won 2 championships and was defensive captain).  He graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Technology and has a career as a HVAC Systems Engineer for Chrysler. He received his CrossFit Level 1 certification in 2009, AFAA certification in 2009, and competes in regular CrossFit competitions. His goal is to represent New Species CrossFit and be recognized as a dominant CrossFit Athlete. “It is easy to practice something you believe in a…and I believe in CrossFit. Not only does it make you a better athlete, but the community is the best and it gives you the opportunity to FLIP THE SWTICH aka ACTIVATE BEAST MODE”

Shawn Dorsey